Thursday, June 21, 2007

Scents I'm wondering...

Fragrance is really important to me. It evokes more of my memory than any other part of my sensorium. I am fascinated by the way single fragrance notes blend to create accords that don't resemble their components. I should have been a "nose"; I've got a mad love of scents that doesn't match my perpetual budget.

I wear "foodie" scents really well, so even though they are offensively trendy at the moment, I am usually happy with them. I am trying to experiment just now with other fragrance palettes: green, marine, floral.

I adore Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Amour de Cacao. It is gorgeously chocolatey and not at all cheap or synthetic smelling, which makes me very happy.

Lately, I've been wearing Pilar and Lucy's The Exact Friction of Stars. It is both more fabulous and slightly cheaper smelling. But it evolves all day, blooming with different notes that delight my nose. Chocolate, orange, cinnamon, vanilla, and stuff like that. Foody. Very foody. It has its cheap candle shop moments, but that's all right.

I just made the mistake of putting on Pilar and Lucy's Tiptoeing through the Chambers of the Moon. The moon in question is menopause. It smells like Tabu, only, if possible, more horrible... incensey, with a sneaky patchouli backing that only creeps out after an hour. I loathe patchouli on my skin, loathe it! It takes scrubbing to remove.

Even more lately, I've been wearing the girlishly tacky Monyette Paris original fragrance oil roll on. It's not as disgusting as it sounds, but florals are not for me. It's crazy with jasmine and magnolia, and a little vanilla in the drydown... so girly it freaks me out.

I just discovered Calypso Chretiene Celle's The - a pure, tea aroma that smells positively drinkable, yet isn't foody in the "heavy baked goods" way I have been so into. Love it.

What are you wearing?


KingSurlyDave said...

I only own two bottles of cologne. Tommy (Tommy Hilfiger) and Escape (Kevin Kline?). I rarely wear either one, but I recall my wife really likes it, and I'm a total retard for not remembering that.

PMS_Chicago said...

I have two scents right now. One is an old favorite--Pi by Givenchy--and the new one is Mark Birley for Men by (you guessed it) Mark Birley.

Some days I like the Pi better--it's a warm scent that plays up vanillas and happy things, rather than more "sterling" or "leathery" scents. As one reviewer puts it: "Pi is the number of 3.141592.. and implies infinity.So when you smell this scent you can travel into space."

By which I'm sure he meant that space travel is still a possibility when wearing this scent; it hasn't been specifically banned by NASA and the ESA yet.

Mark Birley's scent was perhaps best described by a German reviewer:
This is an scent for a real gentleman. You will smell like a very, very rich (brain and also money) man, sitting in a darkblue Bentley and loving the whole world, because you´re so lucky, wearing this wonderful (made in heaven) scent. Such a men´s cologne will never create again. Not only 5 stars, it must be 10 stars!!!

10 stars? It sounds like a Peruvian hotel, but thankfully smells much better!

Ducks said...

I forgot to mention Sequoia by Comme des Garcons. It's an absolutely amazing true redwood scent, no fooling around with musks and warm ambers and vanillas, just woodwoodwood. Stunning. Like all CDG colognes it seems to be intended to be unisex, but this one strikes me as masculine... although I love it enough that I'm happy to wear the sample I have.

Hmm, what else. I've tried samples of Lea St. Barth's Lea and I think it's gorgeous (warm floral vanilla), although it vanishes immediately on me; Creative Scentualization's Perfect Veil is a flawless warm vanilla-tinted musk, your-skin-but-better. It's just so VERY soft. Mind you, I don't like to carry a trail of sillage that makes people gag and snap, "cut off the tail!" I just like to know I have something on... a little presence, a soft emanation close to the body.

Heather said...

This was the last I read before a long break from my computer and sweet near-daily indulgence of 'Lindawords.' I've been falling to sleep imagining these scents. They turn into colors and swirl me to my sleep.

Right now, I smell like baby shampoo, something organic, something only lightly sweet, mostly fresh, gentle. Milk. I worry about this one--to my child it is comfort and enticement, to others am I the split and spilt carton in the dairy isle? No perfume for now...too many concerns about what is absorbed and passed on, but someday I'll smell again of rain and tea with hints of grass and something with a fanciful Linda introduced name like "The Exact Fiction of Stars." How to not be intrigued?

Ducks said...

Wise lady, you are.

One of the most tempting, but also terrifying, scents of which I am aware is Le Labo's Ambrette No. 9. It supposedly mimics that "baby-head" clean shampoo/human musk/milky breath/soft sweet child scent. But there are two problems...

1) ambrette is a neurotoxin, and has been prohibited by watchdog organizations in personal care products... not that enough should turn up in a fragrance to cause issues.

2) Le Labo makes almost 100% synthetic perfumes. This is nothing rare, but it might give a prospective mommie the creeps.

They do market this fragrance as a scent for mothers and infants. Well and good... but it is food for thought.

Heather, I am going to be contributing to one of my favorite scent blogs as a regular, every three weeks: Marina at has adopted me. I will always pointer-tag over to my reviews.

Thank you for the kind words and for coming by. So good to see you.