Friday, September 28, 2007

Lizard Forebrain

When I start foaming at the mouth about scents, flavors, and the experience of the sensorium, I am going to try to do it at my brand new, other mental nest, Lizard Forebrain. That way, this blog will not be swamped in the same kind of weird introspection I am so horribly prone to.

This one was meant to be a home for anecdotes and mumbling about morals and ethics and stuff. I think I want to bring back that separation.

I meant to post at greater length (and earlier!) but things have been off the hizzy, as the bad boys say. Instead I will barrage you with links about what I am going to do with Robert and Pat, the other members of the Rolient Brothers, our screenwriting co-op, this weekend:

Visit the Getty museum.
Go to Tommy Ray's Cafe (owned by Brother Dave's uncle).
Stay in Graciela (Burbank).
Go to Universal Studios.
And if we find time after Universal, we'll go do an initial sniffathon at Memoire Liquide at Fred Sagal Studios.

The Rolient Brothers are also starting a short-story writing group; two weeks to write a story on a given topic, and then we can get together and discuss them. Those elements that seem particularly rich to farm for screenplay fun will hopefully be incorporated.

This cycle's topic: serial killers.


Robert Link said...

I'm of two minds on the blog segregation. I've got two that are fairly topically limited, and one that's anything goes. Guess which actually gets my attention? And as a result guess which actually gets the attention of my (5!) readers?

Ducks said...

I understand completely and will probably agonize about this split as long as I maintain both.

I do hesitate to divide my tiny readership and my desultory attention! However, the reason for the split is actually the desire to split my communities, or at least serve them according to their tastes.

Because I am doing guest posts on a fragrance-related blog, I may soon have visitors who are interested in what I have to say about scents but are not interested in my day to day interests and happenings. I am also aware that not all my friends and family who follow I Regret Nothing will be interested in a review of a particular stinkum. Maybe it would be smarter to tag my posts with topics and to leave them all under one aegis, but I am not 100% about either path.

As for the Rolient Bros. blog, it may soon become Rolient Bros. viewable only... because we may wish to discuss our works in progress and the screenwriting universe is so fraught with intellectual property theft and plagiarism. [shrug]

I appreciate the advice, and I will add it to my ruminations while I fret about this. Anyone else have an opinion?