Friday, February 1, 2008

This ad is priceless!

I am not usually in love with ads, but this one is hilarious:


Lithium said...

Love it!!! I don't usually drink soda, but good for Pepsi!

Robert Link said...

That was fucking awesome, and right when I needed a good laugh.

Robert Link said...

Now that the laugh is over, what does this ad say about the sense of entitlement and insensitivity of some "diversity" groups. I mean, do these jerks have any idea just what a disruption they've caused for no better reason than they are too stupid or lazy to check a map before they hit the road? Is this ad supposed to encourage tolerance? Ultimately it does the opposite.

It's still funny as hell.

Ducks said...

Heh, I didn't even think about the disruptive dimension to this one. The mild absurdity of the idea that the big kick-off would be in the dark of night when most people would be tranquilly at home, lights-out, didn't intrude on me either. I just got a giggle out of it.

The Very Creative and Witty But Inconsiderate Young Man social stereotype sells us quite a lot of products these day... wonder why? Think of the Mentos commercial sociopaths ... or... shudder... the "little deviants" of the XD. I have to wonder what makes The Inconsiderate Young Man such a candidate for testimonials. Is it sex appeal? Do women really go for jerks, as the old saw says?

Food for thought!

Sorry I've been so lazy about posting; I caught a nasty cold and have been doing battle. Hormonal fluctuations, hormonal and physical stress evidently make you a great candidate for catchin' stuff. Woo hoo.