Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two things I love.... cheese, and drama

As I am oft wont to do when I am working on something and want some hard-edged techno music, I was wallowing in Digital Gunfire and this one came on. Those of you who, like me, are older than 18 and don't cut yourselves on purpose may find this song particularly amusing... it's so over the top and cheesy that it approaches zombie movie status. Wonderful. I sure hope it's in GTA 4.

Speaking of the music for GTA 4, it's terrific: each radio or television station has its own ideological and aesthetic profile. The game is fabulously entertaining: well voice-acted, beautifully animated, and pleasingly senseless and brutal. The story is captivating and the freedom to cause mayhem is nothing short of breathtaking. On one jaunt, we did police missions (apprehending criminals) until we wrecked our stolen police car, then stole a limo, tried to use it to ground or steal planes at the airport (unfortunately impossible), created a MAJOR havoc, then jumped out of our limo before it exploded and stole an electric airport utility vehicle and tooled around in it taunting and gunfighting with the Liberty City police until we eventually died. Yes, I know it's socially unredemptive and all that and yatta yatta, but you really must sit down and enjoy the reptile forebrain once in a while.


Pathogen said...

Dear Niko,

We miss you in Motherland, please write soon. Perhaps you too much enjoy Liberty City and forget love of breadline. You steal too many car not enough airplane to travel to Motherland.

Ma Bellic

Sam said...

Almost makes me wish I played computer games. But you'll be pleased -- I managed to mention GTA4 TWICE in one class! Who says Anthroids aren't hip to the times?!

PMS_Chicago said...

GTA4 is an odd duck. It is disguised as an anti-social ne'er-do-well, but it has a strong moral and liberal current that makes it appealing to me on levels other than the "hey I jumped my car over the East River...again!" level.