Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All this used to be orange fields!

So... I know I haven't been posting much -- it's because I have 1) been perfuming in my spare moments and 2) studying for my life and health insurance exam, which I passed, and 3) being more active in Amtgard, and 4) preparing for a cruise to Alaska for my 20th anniversary, and finally, 5) getting ready for April & Troy's wedding on August 16th. None of it except perfuming and the exam really takes time, but they do absorb my creativity and daydreams, and it does add up!

Regarding perfuming: I have tinkered, experimented, and made monstrosities, and I am having fun doing more. I have even experimented with different storage methods for my raw materials: the answer is NOT refrigeration, as even high-temp refrigeration has a weird damping effect upon citrus EOs and hardens some absolutes (and a few EOs, such as sweet fennel). I think the cycle of chill/warm will be more damaging than simply warm weather deterioration, in the long term.

I am not as bad at perfuming as I was when I started... and that's nice! In the absence of formal training, I am opting for exhaustive experimentation...

Anyway, I am having some success with one of my blends. I am calling it "all this used to be orange fields" for now, but like all of my working titles, it's temporary and silly. It is a blend of orange blossom, birch tar, and tangerine with lots of other good stuff making it soft and cozy.

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