Monday, May 4, 2009

What it's like to be a grebe taxi

'Tis the season for migrant birds and grebes to glut the wildlife care center, and it's baby animal/bird season, too. Pat gave a ride to FOUR grebes this morning (two western grebes, two Clark's grebes). Here's an excerpt from our IMing.

Pat says (10:10 AM):
I scared the ranger lady when i picked up the grebes

Linda says (10:10 AM):
ack! how'd you scare her?

Pat says (10:11 AM):
I was in the shed, writing in the log, and she was bringing yet another grebe. I don't think she's used to seeing people in the shed.

Linda says (10:12 AM):
oh haha
Linda says (10:12 AM):
grebes make you nervous anyway... what with the murderousness

Pat says (10:12 AM):
They were 6, 8, 9, and 10 on the grebe murderousness scale, respectively.

Linda says (10:13 AM):
hee hee! Were they really?
Linda says (10:13 AM):
are you ok?

Pat says (10:15 AM):
I'm fine! I put two in the backseat (one down on the floor, the other on the seat, covered with my jackets. The big one went in the far back along with another carrier. The one that was in the backseat was lunging and telling me that he was going to eat the eyes of my offspring and their offspring and...

Linda says (10:15 AM):

Pat says (10:16 AM):
I kept them all separated (you gotta do that, I hear), so there wouldn't be any additional injuries.

Linda says (10:16 AM):
oh poor grebes

Pat says (10:16 AM):
One was smelly like oil. Four were smelly like grebe poop. But a pretty easy ride all told, and pretty decent time too.

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