Thursday, July 2, 2009

Red, White & Blue

'K, my toenail paint is KIND of red, and the bruise is KIND of blue, and I'm certainly pasty "white"... and it's a striped bruise and I definitely saw stars...

I dropped the manhole-sized solid-plastic sharp-edged lid from my duck food bin on my toe on Monday. The beauty of the situation is that I had shoes on because I have a nasty cold and hence didn't want to get onto the cold concrete in bare feet -- which I do almost every other day of the year, rain, shine, cold or warm. If I hadn't had shoes on, I might have broken the toe.

Note: My shoe really DOES fit, I just had it on loose and slouched my foot down in it. Leave me alone, it's casual Thursday (meaning, I have to wear some form of uniform, unlike other days -- today Red White & Blue to the extent I could contrive it with my clothes, which is kinda halfassed. We have tomorrow off.)


PathogenInkPrivate said...

Eep! Eeep! This huuuurrrrtttsss me. Must boycott Linda's blog until her aching toes go away.

(; (Hope all is better, look forward to reading more.)

Ducks said...

It hurts me too, but because it's a yucky picture of my foot... what was I thinkin'?!

No more bruise now, it's all bettah! But I won't subject you to a new picture of my foot, as I made some questionable toenail polish color choices. :) I'll wait for glamor to arrive before I do that again.