Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ay, ay ay

This article greeted me in my morning rounds of the Internet. It's a little summary of Levi Johnston's Vanity Fair article, where he dishes on Sarah Palin. While his quotes sound authentically felt to me, I certainly recognize that people's interpretation of events changes in retrospect with their current situation... we can't help but to spin things, in our self-concept, our lives, and our utterances. It's part of being human; we are poorly, if at all, subjective.

However, the commentary/wrangle/all-out food fight at the end of this is why I included it here. If you enjoy watching drama, by all means enjoy it. It's a fine example of we primates in our poop-flinging phase.


Robert Link said...

While part of me thrives on contention (recall that I met your hubby in the trenches of a political blog's comments area) there is a limit. I have to feel there is some measure of intelligence behind the contention.

In a room full of Palin supporters that measure borders on zero. That she could have been chosen as a Vice-Presidential candidate is diagnostic of the decline of rational thought in our nation.

Ducks said...

Robert! I miss you -- was just brooding on not having heard from you in a while (and of course, being the crap correspondent I am, having not written you, either.)

I think this article (stolen from Bill Young's blog, one of my favorite pastimes) says it rather well.

HUGS to you and Gabi, and don't be a stranger. And I love your picture -- that's adorable.

Robert Link said...

Of course it's adorable: Gabriela's in it. ;)

Don't suppose y'all are comin' down this way any time soon?

Ducks said...

You know, it's just possible that we could make a special trip one of these days. It will probably be several weeks, though -- this weekend and next weekend we are spoken for. And SOMEone is a teacher and finds it hard to get away... :)