Monday, October 5, 2009

So, here's a filled bottle (filled with Faun, the scent I did for my brother -- an earthy, masculine fragrance lightened with mint) and a mock-up box. Not bad, eh?

Lots of work to do. :)


Robert Link said...

1) Need a pay-pal link.

2) Got anything for a guy who is addicted to chanel allure homme sport?

Ducks said...

Oh! I'll figure out Pay-Pal links as soon as I figure out labeling and packaging. Chances are this will limp along... I am participating in a Christmas bazaar and hopefully will have stuff a bit together soon. However, I am far from organized.

Regarding Chanel Allure Homme Sport -- it's got an aldehydic citrusy open I don't know how to approach, but IIRC it morphs into a spicy wood scent with translucent vetiver. I THINK I might have something up your alley soon, but it's a maybe. Can you give me another fragrance you love to help me triangulate?

I have something in the works I've been calling "Pinocchio," because it's all wood and very masculine -- it wants to be a real boy -- but it needs a little rounding out. I think I know what to do with it, but dunno if that's QUITE what you're after.

In the meantime, Robert, you sound like you are a scent brother with Pat -- he likes the airy fragrances with translucent depth. I can highly recommend sniffing some of Hermes' Hermessence line. The perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena, is a genius, performing something most of us think of as "scent haiku" with sparse, airy abstractions. If you ever find yourself near a Hermes outlet, do go sniff. Do. :)

Robert Link said...


In my very early 20s I wore Grey Flannel, and used a baby-powder anti-perspirant. I tried Kenneth Cole's "Black" but it unbearably cloyed in a matter of short weeks. I'm currently limping along on "Realities", which I think is a Claiborne scent.

You tempt me to take another stab at "Jitterbug Perfume".

Ducks said...

Have you not read it? I love it, but it's an oddball. The key ingredient in Jitterbug Perfume is one of my favorite essences, by the way... it is sweet and funky, deep and balancing.

Yes, that helped me greatly to triangulate. You like colognes with a fresh opening, which contain citrus and dry down to warm, earthy woods lightened by vetiver. I think I can work with that. Heck, I think you might like a couple of the ones I have going; North Star, the holiday scent I am doing for a Christmas bazaar might suit you (although it may cloy -- it has more in common with Black than the others, as it is a warm rich resinous scent) and I think you might like Faun, even though the specific notes are off... because it's fresh and transparent over woods.

Email me your mailing address and I'll send you a couple samples to sniff, if you like. :)