Saturday, May 1, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Okay, good stuff comin' your way.

Today our good friends at Don Gusano games announced the official release of their new game, Quack in the Box. We play-tested and adored this game back when it was a stack of hand-cut, typed or handwritten cards. I cannot recommend it enough: I think it's more fun than Chez Geek or Munchkin (which I happen to think are a lot of fun too).

I promised April this link to the Food Politics blog, but I think that others who read this blog might like it too. Marion Nestle is a guru of sorts for me, politically and as an intellectual. She's a trenchant researcher of the processes that determine labeling, nutritional guidelines, and institutional feeding (e.g. of children) in our country and elsewhere.

Also, I promised the Organic Consumers Association that I would pass along a shout-out. They're one of my favorite causes, as they stand opposed to the relatively more evil forces acting upon our food chain. With Monsanto and other industrial agricultural complexes mounting $50,000,000+ campaigns to place their people in key positions in our government (and that does not include the lobbying already in place) with intent to undermine the standards separating natural farming from agro-industrial practices, "the resistance" is one of the best causes out there.

Speaking of good food, particularly food like our grandparents used to eat, I have to mention Drew's wonderful blog, How To Cook Like Your Grandmother. He is funny, his recipes are both well-tested and delicious, and (as I happened to win a drawing for his review copy of Nina Planck's interesting and liberating book Real Food For Mother and Baby, which got here yesterday and has been in my hand almost constantly since) I feel so connected to him today. (Ms. Planck sent another copy directly, which arrived this morning; stay tuned, as either Drew or I will have to have a drawing to pay it forward.)

If you find that any of these things resonate with you, please do pass them along.

Love you folks.

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