Saturday, November 27, 2010

Make this. Right now.

If you like gingerbread, apples, and wonderful holiday smells, this cake is for you. Plus it comes out bakery-gorgeous. Wow.

Dr. Babs' Ginger Apple Torte from Food52.

Also, Fletch is volunteering to nurse straight from the tap, once per day only and in the morning. I know it's ridiculous, but it heals my (ridiculous) feelings of rejection -- as do his loving little monkey-face expressions.

(Pictured: monkey-face. Very blurry. But that's the expression. Awwwww....)

Life is good, and I am THANKFUL indeed.

Now, go make the cake. Yes, turbinado sugar. Don't fuck around with this, the crunchy topping is too good to risk on substitutions. You heard Auntie Linda.


Heather said...

Oh my, that cake is calling to me. I've been craving something just along those lines and only lacked the perfect inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, that sweet monkey face could just about tempt me to make another... so glad to hear things are going well!

Anonymous said...

I will do as I am told and make that at once! Also I love his little monkey face. He's so cute!!!

Ducks said...

Haha, you two are the best! Just what this mama loves to hear.

Do you know, I never for an instant contemplated the reaction people would have to Fletcher. I wanted to increase my family and he is EXACTLY the baby we prayed for, and we can't wait to see all that he becomes (so quickly!) But we just totally failed to predict the bow wave of high-pitched "awwwwwwwwww" that comes from any woman between 13 and 30 who sees him go by, and all the outpouring of love that he is showered with by all and sundry. It's addictive, I tell you, addictive praise for his mama. I hope he grows up unaware of how conceited I think he should be... ;)

But seriously, make the cake. I'm thinking about tweaks to the basic concept now, but there's nothing lacking in the original.