Saturday, February 3, 2007

Dreaming the ridonkulous

No more Starbucks coffee and horror movies for me right before bed.

Last night there was an imp in my dreams, right before I woke up. He was singing this, to the tune of "Fly me to the Moon."

"Fry me with your fumes
And make me choke among the farts
Smell like you've been crappin' when you're
Drivin' in your car."

Gotta hand it to my sleeping brain... it can rhyme. Imagine trying to shake THAT out of your head during your morning shower. I was giggling and humming it.

Fortunately he didn't finish the song, because even that much of it is a crime against music, but he was bouncing on the bed as he sang.

The weird thing about the last couple "nightmares" (unpleasant dreams, anyway) that I have had is that they are so freakily connected with my real surroundings. In that dream, he was jumping on the bed-- but he was trying to wake me up, and the bed he was jumping on was the one I was in.

The other one, the REAL nightmare that got me up at 2:00 a.m. and had me reading all night for fear of falling asleep... in it, I don't remember anything happening. Then, a voice shouted in my ear: "THERE IS NOTHING ON YOUR LEFT." I woke up sitting bolt upright and gasping, terrified. And I searched every inch of the bed, the floor, the window, everything on my left, terrified of what might be there.

It could mean a lot of things. Pat sleeps on my left side and he wasn't there, as he is following me out. Could have been that. I'm going to have to learn to drive again. It could have been a driving test dream, I guess. It might have been in Claudette's honor, as they have removed all of the left temporal lobe and some other parts of her brain. I don't really know. All I know is that my subconscious thinks that nothing on my left is pretty scary, and that my sleepy self agrees.

More later.

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