Friday, August 24, 2007

The insurance company's share of the blame

I don't think I ever updated to say that yes, you can too pay for commercial policies on our website.

I was given misinformation by our website help hotline. Also by CSRs in our customer service and monthly billing departments. The latest and greatest misinformation is the idea that you can't pay commercial policies online. Before that, it was bad instructions that I faithfully passed to my exasperated customer. I did raise some of heaven and earth and yes, there will be training sessions.

Is it still partially his fault? Oh yes. He keeps doing something he knows is wrong because he is aware he doesn't know how to do it right, and trusts that it will fix itself.

By now, the company has spent more in payroll to fix these errors than they are making on one of his misapplied bills... and more of my own effort and consciousness have been invested than I like.

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