Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Like something from Reader's Digest

What cats know about war.

I'll post something intelligent soon. Work is draining my ability to think under my own power... Three short rate fees on top of minimum earned premiums (if you cancel a policy early, and it is in the contract that they can charge a percentage (up to 100%) of the annual premium no matter what, well, you have to pay) and three and a half workers' compensation audit disputes make for some massive emotional exhaustion. Maybe I sympathize too much. But it's still brutal and difficult sometimes, and this is the stinky end of the insurance stick. So once I get home, I turn into a quivering custard of a person, without drive, ambition, or braaaaaaaiiiiiinnns.

But hey, I made General Tsao's Tofu tonight and I have to say, this was an achievement. Not only did I cook something from scratch, but it was delicious. Go me.

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Lithium said...

Fascinating article! Of course, if they really wanted to do something to help those cats in the long run, they could get them fixed. :-)

Hi Linda! Hugs right back at you!!