Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guest post today at Perfume Smellin' Things

On Dinner by Bobo - go see.


Robert Link said...

::Thread HiJack::

Me and the missus are waiting for you and yours to join us in Guild Wars. Gahlia Free is she, I'm usually either Scar Gordon or Shangchi Howard.

Ducks said...

Oh!! Scar Gordon! <3

Guild Wars is a hoot... we haven't played it since we were in Peru. We are milling around discussing. Our current obsession, as you know, is WoW. You can ALSO come join us in WoW on the Bloodscalp server -- where we are usually either Battaboom (me) and Battabing (him), or Candiru (me) and Chagas (him).

Robert Link said...

Somehow I thought you weren't totally WoW-only, that if we did GW you'd log on once in a while. :( Would it help if I pout. ::pouting::

Ducks said...

Well, you took the good character name... :)