Wednesday, November 28, 2007

'Tis the Season

At the risk of revealing what a lame sense of humor I have to those of you who aren't already sure... I give you a few delights of the season.

You will need sound and a not-work-safe-safe environment (there are cussy lyrics, but your boss has probably already heard them... unless he or she lives in a cave) for Nine Inch Noels.

Here's a gloriously frightening treat from Office Max: And when I load in our faces from the Deathmarch of Dimes Walkathon, it makes me laugh...because our cheerful sappy grins look really pathological when they are atop impish elf bodies. (These load slowly.)


For those who are in for a little more humbuggery, there's always Office Max's It's insufficiently grumpy, though.

And for that person on your list who haz everything... FLAVOR.

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