Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Goodbye, 2008.

Goodbye, mother's broken knee and arthritis flare. Goodbye, brother's persistent pseudomonas infection and resultant complications. Goodbye, partner's career decision stress. Goodbye, inflated promises of salary raise (and hello, keeping my job in a recession.)

Goodbye, office squabbles and bitter rage. Hello, teamwork.

Goodbye, laziness that brings on profligate spending and unprecedented wastefulness. Hello, savings account and greener behavior (except, of course, the hand-me-down SUV; however, we'll try to use it greener.)

Goodbye, recently unused gym membership. Hello, walks on the beach; you turn the chore of exercise into joyous quiet time with my beloved.

Goodbye, Netflix. Hello, music lessons.

Goodbye, first 22 pounds of the weight I need to lose. Don't be lonely. I will be sending you company shortly. And so will my entire family, who will be dieting with me. Hello, pro-active support group.

Goodbye, two miscarriages and infertility diagnosis bills. Hello, treatment.

Goodbye, illegitimate chokehold on my government. (Here's hoping that what's next is better.)

Sayonara, broken health insurance plan? So long, nightmare war? See you later (I predict about eight years later), freefalling national debt?

Hello, hope.

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