Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Scent and self

How does this article about women's scent recognition patterns while in love affect your concepts of gender and social relationships? (Not that the Passionate Love Scale is the most discerning of scientific instruments...)


Robert Link said...

I shouldn't even be here right now, much less take the time to read the article. But I've been meaning to ask your opinion of "Hypnose" and "Valentino". One the little woman picked, the other I picked. Further deponent sayeth not. You're the only truly olfactorily skilled person in my social circle, and your thoughts are eagerly welcomed.

Just to keep things in the general realm of the topic, it is not at all surprising that after losing 60 pounds Gabriela looked to change her scent. She wore "Sun, Moon, Stars" almost exclusively during most of our 6+ years. Nothing conscious, I'm sure, but an unmistakable correlation for folks like me who tend to read too much into things.

Ducks said...

I will have to sniff again to give them in-depth respect and a worthwhile analysis. I remember all of those as warm, wonderfully complex, and deliciously ambery once they settle onto the skin -- but which Valentino is it? "Valentino V"? If so, I remember a wonderful unstable-orbit kind of thing that kept it complicated and changeable, absolutely the opposite of boring.

"Sun, Moon, Stars" is gorgeous, too.

While I'm at it... 60 pounds? Amazing, congratulations, and how did she do it?