Thursday, January 22, 2009

March of Dimes' March for Babies

Hi folks,

Our March for Babies will be on April 18, 2009. Details will follow on our own plans and experience, but in case you want to participate in your area, here's the site:

I feel passionately about this cause (and the one in the immediately preceding post). This one, because the work March of Dimes does and the excellent information they maintain has been very helpful and a source of tremendous consolation to me in the last year. With two miscarriages last year, you can bet I need their help and the fruits of their research.

In related news, another endometrial biopsy to follow on Monday. I hate this particular phase of diagnosis... it's madly expensive, the Internet has mostly hostile things to say about the (controversial and somewhat new) science backing it, and I am financially fragile enough that I am becoming paranoid about how much my fertility specialist can squeeze out of me. Is it really necessary? Not many of us have the training to say, and I feel that I must trust him whole hog if I am to trust him at all. So I trust and grumble, but try to focus on all the children I know that were born through his assistance. (H & T, you've been through all this... any words of wisdom?)

Anyway, go out and be good. Love you guys.


Sam said...

Hey, we are thinking of you both here and sending good wishes!! I know the process is difficult but it will be worth it if it works out. Promise. Although you *will* have those moments at 3am when you question that. :-)

(If you ever want a non-fertility-specialist medical opinion... well, you know who to call.)

Heather said...

Oh, our hopes are sent too. (We did not do the medical procedures, just had decided at 24 that it didn't seem meant to be and then had a happy surprise ten years later.)

Our love and our hopes are with you!

(Hummingbird cam is my new happy. Need to research hummingbird housecleaning. Never did I expect to find such a soulmate in the birdie world! Well, not so much for the feces scattered, but general tidiness, certainly.)

Ducks said...

Thank you both so much!

Yes, I am frustrated... I suggested to Pat the other day that we should just get a cat. He declined. :)

The funny thing is that it appears that super-clotting and an overactive immune system are to blame for my fertility problems. It is very nervous-making to plan to suppress both. Do I really want to be a bleeder with a less active immune system? Yeesh.

I guess I'll have to start identifying with Claire on Heroes. Anyone else addicted to Heroes, despite the combination of Mary-Sueing and shark-jumping they were prone to last season?