Thursday, January 29, 2009

Amazing image from the nest cam!

I was so lucky to catch this. The mama bird zipped off the (filthy) nest, and then zoomed by the back of it. That's her behind the nest.

Isn't the baby precious? He keeps getting the tip of his bill stuck on spiderwebs in the nest, and isn't quite strong enough to break the thread unless he wiggles vigorously while mama feeds him. He remains tethered pitifully until she returns.


Heather said...

Watching this little one has moved upon me much like gazing upon ocean or stars. What a wonder! Thank you so for the link!

Ducks said...

You are most welcome. Do check out the others linked towards the top of the page... last year I was delighted by a busy nest of beautiful owlets in addition to the two hummingbird cams I watch.

He is getting big!