Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pelican update

Our rescued juvenile pelican was facing euthanasia, since it could not fend well for itself in the wild and would have died unpleasantly if released. While it takes short flights of 10-15 feet, that's just not functional enough, and it has permanent nerve damage in the wing due to tight wrapping of fishing line around the wing.

However, as pelicans go it is sweet tempered, and it looks perfectly hale, hearty, and well. It was very saddening when local zoos could not take the bird, since we are fond.

By the wonderful Kathy's suggestion, Pat did some research and provided a list of contacts for other zoos and organizations who might be able to take in our rescuee. Today we got the best email ever:

"Pat & Linda-
It looks like the San Francisco Zoo wants the pelican. Yeah! Dani is in contact with them. I'll keep you posted as to when it needs to go and see if you are still willing to transport.

So! Happy!


Heather said...

Oh wonderful! What a relief that must be. Happy landings to Mr. Pelican.

Ducks said...

Even better - he is to be a buddy bird for a lone pelican the zoo has already. Wonderful news.

Don Gusano said...

Awww, man, I was looking forward to tur-seal-ican for next Thanksgiving!

Ducks said...

Ugh. Perish the thought... besides, he's already stuffed with mites!

All of us who handled him were so freaked out by the mites. Thankfully they don't carry anything zoonotic that we could have caught.