Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FDAGA 2009 - small scale entrepreneurs in peril

I've posted about the FDAGA 2009 thing before, but if you care... well, check out section 5.d. If you don't have two employees or more, you are gone with the wind. Many of the other requirements will also put small-scale companies out of business; many cottage perfumers/aromatherapists/cosmetics manufacturers do not have laboratories with sinks and other required facilities, storage off the floor, etc.

I am not proposing that we encourage shoddy product, or contaminated/adulterated materials. However, this Act is written for large-scale producers (and yes, I do think they should be subject to similar quality controls!!) Perfumers in particular are vulnerable to formula theft if they list all ingredients with proportions. Registration requirements, etc., are too stringent and unrealistic for small businesses.

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