Thursday, February 12, 2009


He's still poking around the nest. Oh, but he spends a lot of time standing on the edge, getting ready to go!

The bottom of his nest was clean until he started standing on the rim of it looking out... now it's as yucky as the sides. Poor little critter.

By the way, check out the videos above and below the camera image. There's a video of an earlier brood learning to fly... and the accidental "oh God why am I going backward noooooooo" nature of the experience really is thrilling... and amusing.

Pat and Robert rescued a baby dove yesterday. It is hard to tell whether it just fell out of the nest, failed on the first fledging attempt, or was smacked by a cat (there were cats watching delightedly). It seems to have been well feathered, healthy, and not in shock, and the boys were charmed by its high-pitched adolescent whistling in the coo-OOO, coo, coo pattern that mourning doves have while they drove it to Morro Bay.

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