Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sweet, sweet solvency

Checks have started to arrive from the gub'ment. Evidently making a call to the complaints department at the EDD and telling them you will soon be reduced to eating shoe leather, even though you know your claim decision has been reversed and should now be upheld, works. Because they mailed them out TWO DAYS after I made that call. And of course a representative hasn't called me back yet... wanna bet me they never do?

I can afford the $1 for a "gentleman's bet" now. Except gambling is illegal so let's bet something symbolic, like a cake recipe.

Speakin' o' cake, I submitted to demands from our January birthday crowd (Rob, Dave, Micah) to make fawncy chocolate lava cakes with creme anglaise and (for everyone except Dave, who hates fruit with his chocolate dammit) macerated berries. And nomnomnom. Want the recipe, folks? If so let me know and I'll dig up the recipes and stuff. You will use a lot of eggs on it if you make it. That, I know. what else... oh yes, I've been knitting chain links of wool yarn for a slightly edgy "necklace" scarf (there are patterns all over the internet, but it's basically "cast on 21 stitches on 3 dpns, use 4th dpn to work 7 rows in stockinette, cast off, weave in ends, and tug gently to get stockinette to roll up. Then insert link into the next link you cast on and repeat ad infinitum. Felt when done." They look bootiful. Yarn life, boy-ee!

And I'm always behind the times on the Internets, but for God's sake go discover Leslie Hall if you're like me and behind the times too. Because she's hilarious. And good for her and her gold spandex. "Work through the pain!"

And because that reminds me that Dave mocked me earlier for being behind the trend on the Internets by a couple years, and because you may be too, I figured I'd share this glittering gem: Incompetech, home of any frackin' kind of graph paper you might care to customize and print out at home. Ahhhh, nerd Mecca.

Be good to each other. Love you folks.

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