Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My doctor is using his concern over my blood pressure (seemingly unwarranted, but I'd rather be safe than sorry) to order extra ultrasounds of the baby. Neat! The Obstetrix office called me on Monday and told me to come in Wednesday (today), which seemed a little soon, but okay...

...until I got there today, and the bitchy receptionist kept me waiting for 10 minutes on my feet at her desk while she noodled around with three sets of paperwork, two of which were unrelated to any of the people waiting in the office. This, before she pretended she didn't have the form for me to sign in, so had to go to the other room to get it. She never greeted me or asked me who I was, just had me sign here please.

Then when the other receptionist got in, she triumphantly bragged about having kept someone waiting on the phone for over 10 minutes because, "you know, when it gets busy I can't get to you..."

Well, no shit, Sherlock. If you call that busy.

Then the scheduling receptionist (that's right, the third one) came in and said, "Linda? Are you Linda? Oh! I just tried to call you, but it must be at your home number (as if this were a dirty word). Your doctor wants you to come in every four weeks starting in week 24. He just didn't tell us that before."

Yes, and not before I drove to another freakin' CITY to your office, so I could be ignored and stand on my swelling feet while Miss Look-Busy finds more fake work to do so that she doesn't have to deal with the public all by her poor little lonesome -- argh! Where's my $9 for gas?

So I'm feeling a little bitchy.

On the other hand, I'm not feeling as weird and hormonal as the other day. For those of you who haven't been pregnant... yeah, I'ma sound crazy. For those of you who have been... yeah, I'm REALLY sorry because I always thought you folks sounded crazy before.

The other day: yum, blueberries and cantaloupe (both foods I loathe normally.) Yuck, beloved plums! (And chicken and jicama, but whatever. I don't feel strongly about them normally.) Then, walking down the pet food aisle at the grocery, I was struck by the weird sensation that... the pet food really didn't smell that bad. Almost appetizing. Ugh! And then I saw a newborn baby boy and then I heard a song that always makes me choke up because I associate it with miscarriage grief and then I fell the hell apart while I was driving home, great crazy-person sobs, not sad but certainly hormonal. If you're a Facebook friend you have heard this before, because the first thing I did was to ask people if I was a pod person: thank goodness other moms were able to confirm that this is a normal hormonal thing.

Brother Dave says that pregnant women are legally allowed to kill. I don't know about the law, but I think I shouldn't be encouraged. :D


Heather said...

Ahh hang in there dear! I remember those days and all fondly despite the awful discomforts which sometimes were--it is amazing what a bit of time and a growing boy will do to gild the memories.

Ducks said...

I believe you! It's enough to remember why all this is happening to make me giddy again. And I really did find the rescheduling reassuring; if my doc had wanted two ultrasounds within a week, it'd have been weird. But I suffer the tortures of the damned with pubic symphysis pain if I stand around, especially in uncomfortable shoes, and didn't appreciate the rude treatment. I certainly never treated a customer that way.

Anonymous said...

This is all terrifying and hilarious. You should try watermelon with feta cheese and mint. It always calms my rwars :)

Also? I am pretty sure this proves that my doctor has multiple offices and the same woman works in all of them.

Allie said...

You are doing amazingly- and I hear it's crazy emotional hormonal difficult to get through the times of pregnancy and you are doing just fine! You can do it!