Thursday, July 8, 2010

Freak out!

I had a couple rough days, and very rough nights. About a week ago, the baby kicked the heck out of me all day and I thought, good! But his kicks have been less and less dramatic (possibly because I've adjusted and given him more room -- I seem to have growth spurts, judging by my own discomforts, and who knows if they exactly match his?) He also seems to have changed his sleeping schedule: it was regular as clockwork for 2 weeks, and then ... not. I called the doctor's office yesterday and spoke with his awesome nurse Sonia. She told me to do a kick count, and call if it was low. I didn't have time as I was headed out the door, but the baby treated me to one wiggle and I felt okay about it.

Then, of course, being the stress-monster I am, I had remorse for not having done the kick count... which kept me from sleeping (in concert with my OH so lovely heat rash.) So I was fitfully awake all night. At about 3:20, I decided to do the kick count. Of course, after I drank juice and lay down to pay attention to the baby, I drifted in and out. I noted only one kick, and that was fully two hours after I'd drunk the juice. Nervous-making. So when 10 a.m. rolled around, I did another kick count. Nothing for half an hour. Nothing in 45 minutes. I lost patience, worried about the doc's long lunch hour, and called in again, saying I hoped I was just being paranoid BUT.... I spoke to his awesome nurse Fran and she asked me to come in at 1:30.

The baby decided to kick me as I was headed for the showers right before my appointment. I still went. Heartbeat healthy, baby looking normal, developing well... and the awesome doctor told me not to worry if the next couple weeks are pretty sporadic, as it's still early. Oh. But he didn't let me feel foolish, either, since he encouraged me to come in any time I was worried.

Do I give the impression that my doctor's office is awesome? Because it is awesome.

My mom asked me why I hadn't just leaned against the sink and turned on the garbage disposal -- which was her way to make my little brother wiggle in utero. I told her I thought it was cruel, but of course, um, we tried to scare ours with an air horn. Didn't work. I'm going to have to upgrade to vuvuzela.

Anyway, baby is fine (and kicking like MAD now... he's going to inherit his dad's sense of humor, I think), I can get some sleep now, and this is a glimpse into what it's like to be me and be pregnant. Eeeek!

All else is well. I've discovered uncured all beef hot dogs, which is a great cure to restrictive pregnancy food. On a wheat bun with mustard and a side of something veg, they're positively wholesome. Kind of.

Weather be damned, I think I'm making chicken and dumplings tonight, though. It's that kind of day.

EDIT: hot dogs won. But maybe chicken and dumplings tonight, we'll see. Baby is kicking like crazy this morning, too.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, that sounds stressful. There should be someone to make you the chicken and dumplings so you don't have to!

Ducks said...

Pat would, but his week has been more stressful than mine! He hates it when we have this kind of scare because he has no control (which is the reason I hate it, too, but he also can't be the one to describe/evaluate the sensations, which bugs him). Plus he is teaching/grading midterms AND taking unexpected licensing exams and any number of other things, including coordinating the replacement of our broken dishwasher and juggling family visits and such. But we went out last night and had wonderful Moroccan food and it was all all right.

Allie said...

Whoa. Glad to hear you 1. your baby is good and 2. you like your doctors and nurses. Always good. Chicken and dumplings sound good, and once a family member was pregnant, I learned how to make pastries that made her quite happy. If you ever need anything like recipes or brownies shipped, I'm here!

Ducks said...

OooooOOOOOoooooh! That's the kindest offer! :)