Monday, July 16, 2007

Evil fashion I found through a hotlink somewhere

Combining all the evils of rent-to-own properties and fashionista must-have-it:

Bag, Borrow, or Steal

Holy cow.

You join a membership thing and can rent designer handbags, jewelry, etc. by the week or month.

Did I mention it's evil?


kingsurlydave said...

This doesn't surprise me. They have sports car timeshares and yacht timeshares. Next up: Jewelry timeshares, Rolex timeshares, and flying hovercar timeshares.

Robert Link said...

You did mention it's evil. But you needn't have. We can smell our own.


Have only just this morning realized how thoroughly I've deprived myself by not keeping up with my feed reader; some lovely posts of late. And I think it would actually be quite edifying for my beloved to follow your olfactory musings, if only she were a little more of a netizen.