Sunday, April 20, 2008

Because nothing says fetal health like Jell-O shots...

Well, we manned the booth for the March of Dimes walk yesterday.

As is any project staffed by a handful of volunteers, some of whom are new, it was a Chinese fire drill of sorts. But we assembled a very nifty looking booth (decorated lavishly and cheerfully in "luau" style by our Hawaii-obsessed volunteer), cheered for everyone as they passed the halfway mark, kept motorists from plowing over tired walkers/runners in the crosswalk, and provided refreshments including cups of water, bottled water, fresh fruit, and Jell-O shots.

Because... nothing says "fetal health" like Jell-O shots.

These were alcohol free, made with Jell-O and regular ol' commercial apple juice, according to the Jigglers recipe that 2 out of 3 of us screwed up*** (Jigglers aren't sticky... apple-juice-tainted Jell-O is.) Gross? Non-vegetarian? Oh, my, yes, but I opted not to care.

Ours is the longest run in the country (rougly 9-10 miles!) and we normally have a turnout of 200-300 people. This year, only about 70-80 passed our booth, tops. I think it was fewer, to be honest. About 120 started, but it was cold, windy, and gray, and a large portion of the runners apparently crapped out and went home.

Oh well, not a biggie. Most likely, they stumped for contributions before they walked. Or... "waaaaalked."

The first people who passed our booth run the course every year. Eight years ago, they lost their infant son to birth defects. They now have two healthy young daughters, but they never forget their missing child. I wish I'd gone to the morning ceremony (we were setting up instead); I'd have cheered and saluted them with even more enthusiasm.

*** Just for the sake of honesty, I was one of the 2 that screwed it up. Yes, you can laugh at me now.

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