Sunday, April 13, 2008


I love nest-cams. There is something thrilling, scary, and wonderful about watching fledgling birds develop and then leave the nest. And it's a nifty way to catch some unintrusive "personal time" with the elegant parents while they're tethered to some point in space. The cheater's route to bird-watching. I can imagine that if you had small kids, it would be even more fun.

Beakspeak maintains a wonderful list of bird cams, separated into nests with chicks, nests with eggs, nests for your easy gratification.

It would be hard for anything to be cuter than these owlets, with their fuzzy "horns."

I am obsessed with this hummingbird's nest. (Use "guest" as login and "guest" as password if you want to watch, too.)

Remember, folks -- tempus fugit. If you don't go look now, the birds may have fledged and gone on their merry way.

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