Saturday, April 26, 2008

Turin & Sanchez - Perfumery: the Guide

Oh my gosh. I am thoroughly enjoying this book. It's admittedly not everybody's cup of tea, and goodness knows I don't agree with them on many of the reviewed fragrances, but here is my advice of the day:

1) Pick one of your particular hobbies or passions, something about which you know rather a lot but maybe something you can't discuss much with your beer buddies without seeing their eyes glaze over.

2) Find a vicious, savage, gleeful, playful, catty review book, thick enough to sink your teeth into and audacious enough to make you gasp.

3) Delight.

I adore this book. I've never understood all of the fashion-magazine meowing over this awful dress or those awful shoes or who's schtupping whom, but... oh me, oh my, I love reading something written in that register about a topic I care about.

El oh el.

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