Friday, February 19, 2010

Software -- for writers!

After ribs and corn muffins and chips 'n guacamole and French macarons (no, not an eccentric potluckery at all), and knitting and The Shield, Troy (not Pathy Troy, Troy B) showed us an amazing piece of software tonight. I'm so excited I thought I would share it RIGHT NOW and not make anybody wait until, say, I forgot, or any of the other usual shenanigans.



This is the piece of software I have needed for a few years, since I actually started keeping a whole suite of Word files on my stories to keep plot, locations, characters, etc. straight whilst I wrote. And obviously I am not the only one who works this way.

Best part? Aside from it being awesome?

Yes. It's freeware.

Please go see yWriter by Simon Haynes of Spacejock Software. You will not be sorry.

And they accept donations, if you are moved to open your wallet for this remarkable piece of software.

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