Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wonderful, wonderful article

This Esquire article on Roger Ebert is touching, beautiful, and serene. I've been enjoying his recent writings and now am enchanted by his relationship with his wife, as well as his relationships with the world.


Pathy said...

Agreed... there's something sublime in seeing someone who moves forward in life. (Perhaps it's because so many sit in neutral...)

I so admire his opening portrait.

Ducks said...

Me, too. I've been loving him quietly for a year or two, but this article was something beautiful. What's funny is that I am seeing it referenced everywhere that makes me happy: there's something spiritual in it that connects with all of the folks I admire.

I do so like your write-up on this article.

Ducks said...

You know, he's an alum of ours at University of Idaho. And he wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times. He seems to have somewhat pioneered our trajectory -- may we continue to follow in his footsteps.