Monday, September 6, 2010


I've only finished two of this particular pattern, but I have 8 others in various Fordist stages of construction... as I prefer to assembly line things together.

This style of diaper is called the "Snail Shell" diaper and was invented by one of the smart cookies at Diaper Sewing Divas (requires membership, free) -- so a big shout out to "Mad Skills" for her tutorial. I modified the Shar's Newborn pattern to this style, since other people on the BabyCenter diaper sewing forum really like it on newborns. The Snail Shell features a waterproof elasticized inner layer that holds the absorbent pad, and a fitted outer of any fabric preferred. It can be cute, unbulky, and relatively inexpensive to construct.

Sewing PUL (the waterproof stuff) and FOE (fold-over elastic, used on swimwear, lingerie, and diapers) is a special nightmare. However, I won't need too many of these in each size... because unless his mess manages to escape the waterproof layer, I can just change the absorbent pad when baby gets here. Woohoo!


Betsy said...

You made those? I knew I should have paid more attention in home ec.
Now I'm married to the son of a home ec teacher. She thinks I'm pathetic. Sigh.

Ducks said...

Thanks! You make me smile. Oh, I know it's probably a last gasp of craftiness before baby gets here... but I am loving it! I have learned 100% of my diaper sewing skills (sporadically) over the last couple months -- and have made all of 11 of them so far (plus wipes and doublers). If I can do it, anyone can, honest. :)