Monday, September 13, 2010


We went to our game last night, and when we came back, about 11:30, we went immediately to bed to wind down and go to sleep. I had been uncomfortable for hours; the baby had been slinging himself around and changing position, and has perfected the left turn signal. When I lay down, I was shocked to discover that my bump was several inches lower than before (earlier today, the bump was 3 inches or so above the top of my navel and sloped gently from there -- after the shift, the bump was below the bottom of the navel.) The bump was ROCK HARD compared to its usual firm-but-not-hard status, and the baby was evidently in a really different position. I had had a couple contractions before 2 p.m. but none since.

After verifying that the baby was kicking, doing a couple "cat-cow" exercises and a few pelvic tilts (all of which help to reposition the kid if he's doing crazy things), I fell asleep. But by 4:45, I was up again. Same discomfort, same hard belly, same low slung bump. Pat was up having an attack of AIP and restless; he confirmed that something was new, and advised me to call the doctor on call to get reassurance.

So I did! And the doctor advised me to swing by the hospital for tests, as he couldn't be sure over the phone.

They wheeled me up from the E.R. to the maternity ward and put me in a labor & delivery room with my name on the door. The sweetest nurse ever (Janell) came to reassure me that she was glad I'd come in, having seen my file, and put me on a fetal monitor. She let us know the baby's heart is a "rock star" and that he is doing just fine, and that this just seems to be a ruder entry than most into the comforts of late pregnancy.

Donuts for breakfast, so the carbs can help Pat avoid a resurgence of the attack. And now I am mighty sleepy. But so grateful the baby is okay, and that we have certainly picked the right hospital, and that we are well and evidently not crazy paranoid to have checked on our little one.

This morning we saw cattle headed out to get their breakfasts, steers practice-raping one another, whole murders of crows flapping around against the graphite-gray sky, a deer, many black-faced white sheep, scrub jays, and all the other early morning wildlife. Driving was a dream, both on the highway and the back roads. The world is so beautiful when washed by relief.


Anonymous said...

I know it's probably harder for you to keep patient, but THE WAIT IS KILLING ME! How much farther now???

Ducks said...

Hee! His due date is November 18, so we expect him anytime from 7 weeks from now (gulp) to 11 weeks from now (double gulp). Which of course means that I have SO MUCH TO DO. I don't even have a car seat yet, let alone have one installed. It's okay though -- I understand that I will have a burst of activity closer to his due date. And I think my mom and best friend are holding a shower for me in the next three weeks or so, so I know we'll be better prepared.

The weird thing is that it's all finally stopped seeming unreal and we're just excited to meet him now; we accept that he's part of the family and very much here.

Anonymous said...

November 18 is Nick's birthday! But seriously, this is so exciting, and it's coming so quick! I'm sure you're more prepared than you think. Also it's exciting that you're training Pat to be your personal chef; this was a wise move, and I would like to know how you accomplished it. Maybe he is better able to learn than Nick? Maybe all of his recipes do not begin with "first, brown a package of bacon?"

Ducks said...

Hee! Not that I'd mind if they did... it's just delightful to have him wander into the kitchen and whip something up without having to plan intensively for it. He's asked me for some recipes for the things we make frequently, and I'm trying to assemble him a little folder of them.

As for how I accomplished it... it was all him! He said, "I'd like to handle more of the everyday cooking while you're nursing, so that you can focus on feeding the baby." Awwwwww. <3

Ducks said...

Can you tell I'm procrastinating my sewing, bouncing between my blog and yours and making comments? :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! And I am procrastinating today. Tuesday feels like Monday and since it's almost time to go home, I think it's probably too late to call in sick today.

Heather said...

Oh wow, what those kiddos can accomplish in those last weeks--some serious personal space issues taking place.

Glad you went to check and have a doctor who will error on the being safe side!