Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This week!

So, last week was crazy -- we spring cleaned all of the house except the bathroom (I have to dig out all the useless ends and bobs from the cabinets and throw them away, and my temper got the best of me so I am waiting until the job doesn't piss me off... it's hard bending right now!) We did it because 1) we're nesting and 2) we had a rat in our attic. We caught him (and poor bastard wasn't killed by the trap because he was the size of a small to moderate pony, so we dunked the trap into a bucket of water because hitting him with a brick seemed inaccurate and potentially worse). Unfortunately, we heard another afterward, so we had to clean up for the exterminator.

And this week is crazy -- the exterminator wants to charge $120 for setting a snap trap (which will cost us approximately $8 to do again) and refuses to rat-proof the attic even though we know where they are getting in from the vacant neighboring house (they connect). Pat is sick with his once-per-quarter headcold and I desperately do not want it!! I am doing a 24-hour urine collection so that they can test my kidney function because they are worried about my blood pressure because ONE of my doctor's nurses does not know how to take blood pressure readings on obese women like me and she inevitably gets readings like 160/90 (whereas the doctor and everyone else get 120/70 every time) so they are afraid of preeclampsia and I AM NOT LETTING THEM INDUCE ME EARLY ANYWAY because I don't want continuous fetal monitoring, to be trapped on my back without being able to labor freely in whatever position I want, or have my water broken because I am too fat for external fetal monitors, because I don't want an elective C-section. So this is unproductive. Except I now know that my bladder holds 18 ounces and that I pee approximately every 45 minutes and that I have pee in my fridge and God I hope the container is big enough for 18 oz. per event X 24ish events... and that it doesn't leak. And I am washing my hands so many times it's not funny, because who is going to get into the fridge with pee hands? And then I have to pour the "collection hat" contents into the pee bucket (and wash) and put it back in the fridge (and wash because I touched the bucket) and it's getting ridiculous, 3 washes per pee? Sheesh! And tomorrow I have to turn in the pee and get my blood drawn and go to the chiropractor because my back is boned and leave payment under the mat for the nice lady selling me used prefolds and go to our weekly lunch with the boys and then go to baby care basics class in the evening. Friday I'm off to A&T's for dinner and crafting (because she is my willing slave who will cut out diaper fabric and I hate cutting and OH! I just figured out that I have to make at least 6 diapers per week plus a cover or two and things like diaper bags/maternity clothes/postpartum pads/nursing pads/whatever catch-as-catch-can to be ready in time for the baby's earliest probable arrival horizon) and this weekend so help me Pat will barbecue for me sometime and I guess I'll have to finally get to the bathroom cupboards.

Make the pollo a la brasa from the recipe in the previous post. Not joking. Don't make the salad if you don't wanna, but do make the sauce. OMG.

(Gasp for breath, gasp for breath, gasp for breath....) So how are you?


Sam said...

Hey there, nester! Yep, it's gotta be soon given the burst of energy you've having. Remember to breathe! :-) We're thinking of you here!!

PMS_CC said...

I get to barbecue?!

Anonymous said...

Agh! Stress! I feel agitated for you, if that helps. I think you need a vacation somewhere rat-, nurse-, headcold-, and stress-free. Vancouver is nice this time of year, you know.

Anonymous said...

Agh! Stress! I feel agitated for you, if that helps. I think you need a vacation somewhere rat-, nurse-, headcold-, and stress-free. Vancouver is nice this time of year, you know.

Ducks said...

Emily -- Oh, I want to!! Wish I could... ye olde budget says I have to stay home and eat ramen and play Civilization on the computer, mostly. :) But I am putting Vancouver on The List. Yes. (And sorry to make you feel agitated for me... now that the lame half of today's obligations are taken care of, I don't feel spread quite so thinly...)

Sam -- thank you! Ack, don't say "soon!" Do you know, you must be my Platonic ideal of perfect mommy because last night I dreamed of visiting you and asking you all kinds of questions... some of which had really surreal answers because it was, after all, a dream. I can't remember specifics but I think the weirdest q&a were something to do with not purchasing toys that reinforced cultural class stereotypes... dunno today. :) Ask my sleepin' brain.

Pat - yes, get crackin'! This ramen ain't gonna barbecue itself!