Monday, January 28, 2008

Exciting times...

I will post something more substantive soon, but life's been off the hizzy.

Pat started another teaching gig (so now he has two, each of which is about an hour's drive but not in the same direction). He will be making the transition down to our area to do mortgage things for commission, as well, rather than processing and reception an hour away for peanuts per hour.

I have also been working my behind off. That's not going to change soon... in fact I am adding a few hours to my work week while studying for my P&C license.

And -- well, I needed down time. Lots of Rock Band. LOTS of Rock Band. Ow my wrist. Ow my back. Ow my voice.

The VegWeb forums are no more, which is too bad... several new bad apple forum trolls have spoiled the barrel for the rest of us. Things went from bad to better to oh no they're back to I don't know, but it's gone away now. Oh well. The site is still phenomenally useful, beautiful, and filled with delightful recipes.

My brain's working on a new post, so expect me soon.

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