Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Have I treated you to Big Fat Whale yet? The last two episodes (as of today) crack me up. A lot.

I am sick as a dog with some kinda cough and general crud. My skin has decided to get scalier and redder than ever, but I am fighting back with homemade face cream. And I am happily knitting, watching TV, and wearing warm socks, so it's all okay. :) Once I get some kimchi soup, I'm sure I'll be all better. It's my cure-all. Seriously, it's good!

Homemade face cream: I had made a very dense whipped body butter of shea and cocoa butter, apricot kernel and jojoba oils, Vitamin E oil, and pure aloe gel several weeks ago. I wanted it dense and superemollient to treat my cracking knuckles (winter dryness hits me hard once the heaters go on.) When I made that batch, I poured off half of it to let it harden and whipped the other half. The whipped half turned out great -- the other half crystallized and became grainy, and I knew I was going to have to rebatch it. So yesterday I rebatched part of the grainy part with a VERY large portion of aloe gel to make a more fluid lotion with some healing power for the face. It didn't seem like it would incorporate -- separating the waxy oils out of the gel like butter out of whipped cream -- until suddenly it did. I have a little portion of the softest, smoothest, thick, rich face cream ever.

It won't last long because the only preservative in it is Vitamin E, so this isn't a marketable recipe, but I will experiment to make one I can offer to the public sometime in the next month or two. Because this stuff is AWESOME. Although I am still red and scaly, it's so much better than it was just yesterday. Yay.

(For those who might not know why I'm red and scaly/blistered sometimes, it's rosacea -- not contagious, not unsanitary, not particularly gross, just a nuisance. When I damaged my skin badly with a tropical sunburn in Peru, I evidently set off a dormant congenital condition or something. If I get a cold, it goes plumb crazy. Like now.)


Mayo said...

I like hearing about what you're doing. It's right up my alley and I'd like to follow up and see where all this is going.

"Kitchen" products (particularly organic honey & organic olive oil) helped me get rid of a severe (rosacea) reaction I had to a face cream.

After a visit to the ER and then 2 visits to a dermatologist, I learned to use the "cleanest" (meaning chemical-free) ingredients/products I could find.

My skin recovered and continued use of chemical-free products has left my skin looking and feeling "normal".

Now I know how important it is to check out the ingredients in ANY
product I use on my skin or hair. 

I still make certain things, and those I buy are certified organic products because I learned what the chemicals in "regular" products can do, including cause acne, dry up the skin and cause skin cancer.

Look up the ingredients in the products you use and see what they do. I think you'll be shocked. For example, here's are the ingredients in a Clearasil product and what they can do to skin


Ducks said...

That's what I'm talkin' about! Thank you for the info, Mayo. Did you find me through an info crawler, or are you a reader? We do seem to have a lot in common, from reading your profile -- I'll definitely check in!

Pathy said...

Feel bettah. Really. We lubs you and wants you to feel bettah.

Come read. It's mysteriously fun.


(We all need a game to play again soon eh?)

Ducks said...

Pathyyyyyy squeeeeeee! Yes, we do need a game. And I will come read the blog, right away! <3 you guys!