Sunday, May 2, 2010


Bah. I went to school for years and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. And a Master's degree, which does not help me much in the job market. And ... that may actually be the dimensions of the con.

What would I advise my baby to do? Join the military? Maybe. Go to a vocational school, or shorter-term training for a profession? Hell yes. Grad school? Not right now. Ask me again in a few MORE years. Maybe after I've STARTED being able to repay my massive, crushing student loan debt.


Anonymous said...

Force Baby to be good at math! Being grammar-savvy hasn't helped me ... steer the little guy away from Creative Writing, whatever you do.


Ducks said...

We were just talking about how to raise a humanist child with adequate math and sciences last night. We are going to insist on a globe in the nursery (or house) so that we can play geographical games, and tell folktales from different places if requested (as my original passion was folk tales, and I have a collection of worldwide ones... and can collect more.) And math and science are going to be our foci during learning-together time. Why? Because the social sciences, while we value them, and my literary training, don't do much for budging the big world. You are right on my wavelength today.

Thank you! I could not be more excited: I fear daily that I am going to burn out all my emotional circuits, since fear, hope, and joy are such a swirl in me.