Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!

May you celebrate the passing of this year tonight in joy and contentment. As you look back over the accomplishments of the last year, its pleasures and failures, be kind to yourself. You are loved, and life is a journey that wanders from path to path at its wildkin leisure. There's no such thing as irreparable.

For your New Year's resolutions, don't make yourself any promises you know will make you somebody you aren't.

What are mine?

-We are going back to vegetarianism, and (relatedly and consequentially) regaining some control over our diets, both in terms of cost and wholesomeness. We've been eating garbage and we know it.

-We are going to get back into the gym routine now that our schedule changes will accomodate it again. It was hard for us last semester, and that reinforced our natural reluctance to go out and sweat indoors.

-I am going to spend more time on hobbies that develop my talents and give me rest and pleasure: bird watching, painting, writing, fiddling with beads, sewing.

-I'm going to stop feeling guilty about my hobbies that are nothing more than social: playing video games and other games, kicking back with the family, watching TV with the hubby. I deserve some pure leisure.

-I'm going to keep showing the people I love that I love them. It's important.

-Later this year, I am going to stop just talking about it and actually attempt to learn a little perfumery. I will finally have to set up a little laboratory and acquire materials: so be it.

-We are going to strive for ever greater financial solvency. This resolution is obligatory for everyone, I know. I'm no exception.

On that last note... Have you seen this site? It's very inspiring and provides very do-able advice.


Robert Link said...

Happy 2008 to you kids, and glad to see that bit about guilt-free gaming. Hint, hint.

Did I mention it's butterfly time in Santa Barbara?

Pathy said...

I bet if you work hard over the weekend you can get your 'fumery' up to 275. It's going to 500 with the expansion, so you'd better hurry.

Much love from here...

Ducks said...

Happy new year, darlings. We have new findings that indicate that all hobbies are most probably on notice... for quite a while. Eek!

The healthy lifestyle just got a bottom line, too. Eek!

The solvency, too. Eek!

Oh my! Happy 2008 indeed!

Pathy said...


Details...details - you know where we live, details!