Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Gemuse-ick!

Good gracious.

You need sound to enjoy this.

I totally filched that from a VegWeb post. Another poster helpfully included this, which I think Brother Dave will enjoy, for no particular reason.


Pathogen said...

Oddly enough, I saw ginger roots do something like this once. Worth a google.

Ducks said...

I dare not, lest it be some oblique figging reference or something. Heh.

No, seriously. I googled and didn't find anything. /pout/

Pathogen! How have you been? How is the family? We miss you!

Pathogen said...

All is well on the icy front. We shot for seventeen out of twenty-four hours over the weekend - 7300 some odd frames. That's more basketball than I've watched during my entire lifetime compressed like dark matter into a sphere roughly the size of a ... er... basketball.



And there's nothing oblique about figging, unless, well... did you try wikipedia? /unpout/

At any rate, come see basketball galore - I'll try to add some to the favorite gallery tomorrow for yas so you don't have to sort through 10001110101. Or look at Ye ol' Game Bloge - I hide some of my favorites in there occasionally, but they're not... popular favorites.

Stay away from the voodoo mon.