Friday, December 14, 2007

Random stuff for you

First, Bill the Splut is cracking me up on Thoughtviper:

Accidental discovery: Seawater can burn, and is being investigated as a possible replacement for oil.

In completely unrelated news, the Bush administration today announced that Aquaman was behind 9/11, and that the Lost City of Atlantis has WMDs, which could strike America's shores at any time from their mobile Giant Seahorse launchers. Bush said, "We must act before the smoking speargun comes in the shape of a jellyfish cloud!" Several other peaceful democracies have joined him in the Coalition of the Willing, namely Latveria, Genosha, the Phantom Zone, and the underground empire of the Mole Man.

Next... well, I love the song "Calabria 2007" madly, and whilst looking for it for me online, Pat found the video for "Destination Calabria." While the video for "Calabria 2007" is feelthy, there's something madly wrong-hawt about all the band hotties in the other one. Anyway, enjoy the T & A, folks. Yowza.

And finally, because I'm tired and lazy right now... this is a cool article on what happens to your memory when you are frightened, and why time seems to (have) slow(ed) down to a crawl during traumatic events. Also duly pilfered from Thoughtviper.

Love you all! I am blazing around with my hair on fire (not literally, yet) during the holiday season. More writing soon.

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