Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bad form, WellPoint (and the rest of these companies)

We lost my mother-in-law Carol to breast cancer. My beloved cat Pepe was a breast cancer survivor for 8 years of her kitty life (it recurs in cats; she had 6 mastectomies but handled them with hardy grace). I have many friends who are survivors. I've had two scares -- one a little blood clot, probably from a bruise, and the other mastitis from the hormones brought on by a miscarriage -- and I am religiously scrupulous about getting checked, eating my fruits and vegetables, and not smoking.

Breast cancer is so common and so dreadful that we try to donate a bit each year to research to fight it. It's so horrifying that WellPoint cancels policies for its policyholders who are diagnosed with breast cancer. And that is, of course, outside the horror I feel that they are betraying not only their contracts but the trust of their clients.


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