Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm starting to show.

I'm starting to feel really queasy.

I'm starting to have cravings.


The best thing: when I went into my mom's office to make copies (of my AIM application, in fact), she was looking at an online week-by-week pregnancy guide. She turned around to me and announced that this week my baby is growing fingerprints, and they are unique. I responded that the baby is also working on eye pigmentation. We both grinned like idiots.

Life's good; I just see less of it, since I'm sleepin' a lot.

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Heather said...

This is happy.

A site or two other than BabyCenter that we began perusing (though take all with a grain of salt and know our absolute respect for your parenting choices wherever they may lean), include drjaygordon dot com for some not so mainstream pediatric viewpoints and advice, Jack Newman's wonderful sight for breastfeeding (Kellymom's is a treasure trove too), Dr. Sears has answered some middle of the night questions for us. Mothering dot com is another favorite. Goodness, that is more than two, isn't it? They aren't as timely as happy growing belly sites, but I can't seem to find my once poured over list of those.
Isn't it all a wonder though? (You've got to find the in utero photos taken of that life developing week to week--amazing.)