Monday, April 19, 2010

Wonderful churlishness

I love this thread and its fictional letter to the non-pregnant people in a pregnant couple's life. It's making the rounds at BabyCenter even among those of us not due in August.

Having been threatened with a long visit (i.e. the visits to another relative have been measured in MONTHS, not days) at the child's birth, while I was all of five weeks pregnant, I feel especially sensitive about the invitation issue. I'm not such a private person that I am mourning lost privacy, and nobody's been lunging to touch the belly yet, or anything like that.

What do I do about that visitation threat? Lie about my due date? Tell them I've moved to New Zealand and I don't know my new address yet? Threaten to kill them if they do it? Simply not allow them in when they are not wanted (which, hinty hint, will be most of the time for about three weeks of sleepless bonding time)? Ack!

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