Monday, June 14, 2010


I've been making cloth diapers. Not only knitting wool soakers to go over prefold diapers, but noodling around with making All-In-Ones (as convenient as disposables) to see how I like them.

Here are two AIOs made with the Darling Diapers free newborn size AIO pattern. I probably will make about a dozen or so in newborn size and then find a great pattern to make a couple dozen One-Size diapers, which baby can wear from small to toddler (they're adjustable via snaps.)

Oh, and disregard that reoccurring hideous tablecloth. It's plastic coated, so it's convenient to have on there for sewing and stuff: it doesn't pick up the hideous green lint from the sacrificial towel that forms most of the absorbent stuffing (there's also cotton batting) of these diapers. The exterior is yellow and green (gender neutral) fleece and the interior is yellow and green flannel.


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