Friday, June 25, 2010

Whooping cough

Please, folks, vaccinate your kids. I agree that if your child is allergy prone or if you have a family history of respiratory problems, you may want to look into a slower vaccine schedule where your child only gets 2 vaccines at any one time, so that you can keep track of and respond well to allergic reactions. But risking your child's life -- and the lives of others -- by not vaccinating is silly; this is a million times sillier if it's due to fear of autism, for which there exists NO link to vaccination. (Seriously. Get your information from scientists, not celebrities.) There, I've said my controversial piece.

For better or worse, but almost definitely because of the anti-vaxers, we're having a whooping cough epidemic. Wheee!

Edited to add: I just received a terrific email from Kristi at, who turned me on to an informative video on just this subject. It's worth a watch!

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