Thursday, June 24, 2010

How'd the kimchi turn out, you ask?

I put the kimchi in the fridge late last night. It could have stayed out another 12 hours or more to get more tart, but I liked my taste of it so much that I put it in the fridge. Note that our weather has been very cool and that this may have slowed down its fermentation.

It is the mildest, freshest tasting kimchi I've tasted. The chili powder finally decided to join the party and taste spicy, but not HOT spicy; the cabbage retains fresh cabbagey crunch and flavor; the tartness is pronounced but not squintworthy. I am glad I omitted fish sauce from this batch, because this is a lovely springy/summery flavor that would have been overbalanced by briny umami if the fish had joined the party. There's a substantial perfume of ginger, and a tangible but not brutal flavor of garlic.

If I wanted something more authentic, I'd add a little more garlic, a little more chili than 2 tablespoons or a jalapeno, serrano, or Thai bird chili for more fire, and leave it out for another whole day to get tart. And I might -- MIGHT -- add the fish sauce. But I am happy with this -- especially the texture of the green onions, sliced finely rather than left in 2 inch segments.

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Ducks said...

Had kimchi and rice for breakfast today. It was utterly mild in every particular -- and I will make it hotter, tarter, and more aromatic next time. But it was delicious and refreshing anyway -- yum!