Friday, June 18, 2010

Good news for the contest winners...

I finally got out to the Post Office yesterday and put your things in the mail.

I am so sorry for the delay; I caught an ear infection/sinus infection/bronchitis combination that was just wonderful without medication (and I knew this was coming ... every summer I catch something awful, plus Murphy's Law says that while I'm pregnant I will get something I'd rather medicate if I had the option... and I have a six year old friend and my partner teaches at community college, so I am much exposed to Schtuff.)

Kimchi soup is my favorite cure for colds and stuff, but I wasn't sure I could eat kimchi -- because of the fermentation. However, after some wild internet searching, I find that it's not only fine but beneficial to preggies. Okay! But I still didn't want to eat the (very old) kimchi from the back of my fridge's top shelf... so I am making a fresh batch today.

Anyway, kimchi soup: sour, but with fresh veggies and, if you like, protein to fit your preferences; spicy, but tamer than a big bowl o' kimchi; hot, which coupled with sour and spicy really clears your head. Ahhhh, comfort food. Plus, if you're really sick, you won't be able to smell your own garlic breath after!

If you like it enough to have oh, about a gallon on hand (or you have friends who will take a portion of it off your hands), make your kimchi from scratch (or purchase a dry "kimchi mix" from an Asian grocer with a Korean section and follow the easy -- practically scratch -- recipe there). You can control the fiery-ness, the sourness, and, hey, it's crisp and delicious homemade. There are recipes all over the Internet.

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