Thursday, April 2, 2009

Any preferences?

Here are some bottles upon which I have received price quotes for a ... project.

Any preferences? I have mine, Pat has his, what are yours?


Robert Link said...

Need to know more about the target market. Male, female, age, &c.

Gabriela recently talked me into "Realities" whereas I chose "Light Blue" by Dolce/Gabana for myself. I like the "Realities" bottle, but am still undecided on the scent. It's distinct, I'll say that.

PathogenInkPrivate said...

Goodness I am behind on reading and what a treat to find lots here now.

The bottom middle, the name of which I've already forgotten. Maria perhaps. Reid appeals too to me personally. Both are simple and classic and say 'clean' to me. To really decide though, I would need to smell and then match. It would make all of the difference.

Ducks said...

Goodness, okay, I'll share more info. I am getting ready to open a small, online perfume company. Two scents, possibly three if the third is ready by the time I would like to release the first two (I am shooting for approximately 60 days).

The first is very feminine, centered on orange blossoms and vanilla, with traces of smoke, dust, and leather. I went picking oranges last weekend and came away smelling just this way, to my delight. I personally wear this one at least once a week, which is (for fickle me) about as much constancy as I can manage for anything.

The second was intended masculine but two of my female friends have claimed samples for themselves, so I suppose it must be considered unisex: it is a very green, peppery scent enlivened by spearmint. This one was inspired by the gorgeous undergrowth of the woods at Big Sur. It was concocted for my brother Robert and he has drained an ounce of it rather quickly.

Both were created for adults and would be unlikely to appeal much to teenagers (the current trends there still being ozonic "fresh," fruity, and/or extremely sweet.)

Reid has been universally popular among my crowd here on the Central Coast. The other strong contender so far is Cynthia -- and is still up one vote.

Ducks said...

Erm... I don't know that I clarified. I want to use one bottle (and yes, the April style sprayer in silvertone) for all released fragrances. Also, the third scent I am working on for release is an intimate, liquored-coffee aroma that is neither edible nor sweet. It's not quite done yet: the balance is still a little off-center.

G said...

Ilana and the 4th pump would be the most feminine and "swellegant."

Maria and the first silver pump are more gender neutral.

Also, Ducks, the Paintrix's birthday is coming up one of these scents might make a good present. Thoughts?

Ducks said...

I would be delighted to send one of the scents for her, but I do expect it to be fully 60 days before I have packaging lined up (and it will take about that long to let a batch age). Maybe I'll look for an individual bottle of about the right size. What's the date of the b-day? (For those, like me, who are date challenged...) What's her fragrance style? I don't know if I've ever sniffed her... warm and flowery? Spicy woodsy?

The coffee thing REALLY isn't ready but oh, sometime in the future, it's going to be the best of the three. Very excited.