Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coupla more photos for you

Remember the post about the loon? Well, here are some pictures of Pat trying to catch her. Yikes.

This is Pat trying to get a struggling loon to water. What you can't quite see is that she is twisting like a crankshaft in his hands.

This is Pat giving up on the loon. She is about to get wiped out by that little breaker. If you click the picture, you'll see her in center left.

The loon is in the center giving Pat the finger. This is shortly before he came onto shore to recover from 59 degree water and she washed up. There's a surfer in the far background. Wheee!

And this is the beautiful parchment-and-lavender colored iris in my yard. Wow.

Thought you'd enjoy.


PathogenInkPrivate said...

Come live in Nebraska for a spell you 59ยบ weenies. ;)

(We love these shots, love 'em... so San Diego... January? Hope?)

Btw... what kind of word is "fealese" as a verifier? Geez... you pervs.


Ducks said...

Hi hi! Yes, please, San Diego in January... details, details!

I've been meaning to ask you... you are set private. Do you have a blog? Can we get permission? Email, email! And email details about January, too, so that we know where and exactly when.

My word verification is "eueses", which I prefer to think of as pronounced like "wusses."